Graven​|​Burn Everything​|​Reckoner: Digital Split Release

by Graven

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Endless 02:40
Ten Cent Pistol No end to this The focus stings Await the white It breaks the dawn To find a way Become the night Sleeps in plastic To suffocate the mind Hunt the shadows The will of man collides Echoes the night The chosen has arrived Trap them slowly Escape the sadness To trust the silence Sound the warning It dims the light inside Speak now Release them Heal wounds Tied down Spreading her legs of poison Delivers now an aching head Touch of dying A choked embrace is a welcomed misery Rotting from the inside The rush of warmth Subsides away The flow is ceasing With pain prepared Delivered sickened Speak now Release them Heal wounds Tied down Reborn
Eighth Circle The mouth Spews false Septic tales A bitter Weak man Sells his soul It’s falling down Truth is Nothing But a well told lie Speak the truth and hope it kills you Infected The tainted Is wasting here If it ends here, they will thank you. Betrayal And when you’re rotting, they won’t forgive you Bless your heart You’ll rot alone, burn the disease. Stitch the skin Dress the dead and start again Release the lie Stitch the skin Dress Start Again
Black Moon Zodiac Welcome to Disorder We built our house in open waters, Open waters Open sea’s Waiting for the current to take me. The weight of the world pressing on me. Welcome to Disorder, Stars will aline Worlds will Collide Theirs a new tide We’re the new Rome, It’s the New World and theirs no kings just money, Disorder, confusion No loyalties. Bury your love ones at sea, Forever you’ll remember into the night. Into to the darkness we fight, Tyranny the Traitors the pigs and the corporate feeders. Here's your Disorder
In Misery 04:06
In Misery You've stolen everything. Nothing left. Forever In Misery. I saw the world change in you from the sands of time to the crack in the sky it was all for you But the phoenix burst to flames . Theirs no hope. Born only in pain. I've given up forever In Misery I've given up forever In Misery You've stolen everything fucking thing. Nothings left. you stolen everything nothings left. But i saw you reach to the sky through space and time but no ones on the other side .All the sorrow all the pain. but the phoenix burst to flames. I've given up. I've given up forever In Misery I've given up forever In Misery


This is the digital version of the 3 way split release between GRAVEN, Burn Everything and Reckoner.

The CD version will be released by Dullest Records, which will feature original artwork by Scott Shellhamer. Below is the link to their page for purchase.

You can DL the entire digital album here or you can purchase just our (GRAVEN) 2 songs for $1 each. Please visit Burn Everything and Reckoner's pages for DL/purchase of their individual songs.

Thanks go to Burn Everything, Reckoner, Dullest Records, Scott Shellhamer and all the fans for your support!!



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Graven Baltimore, Maryland

Formed in the Summer of 2010. All we really want to do is cave your head in and split your eardrums with our loud toys.

(ex-Swarm Of The Lotus, ex-Burnt By The Sun, ex-Deadlamb, ex-Set The Whore On Fire)

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