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Ten Cent Pistol

No end to this
The focus stings
Await the white
It breaks the dawn
To find a way
Become the night
Sleeps in plastic
To suffocate the mind
Hunt the shadows
The will of man collides
Echoes the night
The chosen has arrived
Trap them slowly
Escape the sadness
To trust the silence
Sound the warning
It dims the light inside
Speak now
Release them
Heal wounds
Tied down
Spreading her legs of poison
Delivers now an aching head
Touch of dying
A choked embrace is a welcomed misery
Rotting from the inside
The rush of warmth
Subsides away
The flow is ceasing
With pain prepared
Delivered sickened
Speak now
Release them
Heal wounds
Tied down




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Graven Baltimore, Maryland

Formed in the Summer of 2010, we wanted to branch off of what we were doing with our previous musical endeavors. Frankenstein was recreated and re-resurrected and here we are. No boundaries. Creativity comes from everywhere and all sources. At the end of the day, we really just want to cave your head in. In our own original way. We are GRAVEN. We split eardrums and make no apologies. Sorry. ... more

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